A Cup of Tea and a Shotgun

Downton Abbey, one of my favorite television series, came to an end recently after 6 spectacular seasons. Unlike most people, each evening as the show aired, I donned one of my many tiaras and sipped tea while becoming engrossed in the characters’ lives. During the first 3 seasons, I spent my Sunday evening ritual alone. However, on the fourth season, I allowed my husband (or dare I say, “Butler.”) to join me in the viewing, as long as he agreed to serve the tea.


As a fan of historical fiction, I find myself many times researching what I learn in movies or read in books. Did that really happen? Did this person really exist? Downton Abbey is no different. The book, “Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey” and “Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey”are two great reads. Both non-fiction books are about women who called Highclere Castle, (the setting for Downton Abbey), home. 

I found more of my precious Downton Abbey to indulge in on the Masterpiece Theater website. From the short snippets of the cast sharing their favorite episodes, to the full length, “The Manners of Downton Abbey.” I found myself easily wrapped up in the family’s daily lives. I loved seeing the clothing and jewelry they wore, the furniture and decorations within the rooms, and the many places they visited. However, there is something that especially caught my attention, almost to the point of becoming an obsession. The scenes where the family is hunting and shooting are quite remarkable. Why? Well, the clothing of course.

Depending on what I’m shooting and when, I may be wearing anything from a team shirt and my Vertx pants, to jeans and a sweatshirt. Never, and I mean, never, would I consider myself looking classy. However, because of my infatuation with the hunting scenes of Downton Abbey, I began some online research about women across the pond that shoot. That is where I found, the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club . 


The information on their website states:

The award winning, pioneering, Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club is a super fun and inclusive ladies shooting club. We’re all about awesome clay shooting events for fabulous ladies and we’d love for you to get involved! We’re leading the charge and setting the bar when it comes to super fun, inclusive and accessible events. We’re on a real mission to get more girls involved in shooting. It’s all about reputable instructors, low recoil guns, like minded ladies, fine china and having our cake and eating it!

How fun does that sound? Take a look at their website. Follow them on Facebook. This lovely group of ladies not only have fun, but they look classy while they’re doing it. And when they finish shooting, they enjoy a cup of tea and dessert. How delightful would it be to have similar groups here, in the US? Perhaps someday I will find one. Until then, I will continue to peruse the Dubarry website and dream of someday shooting with my friends across the pond. 

Cheers! Enjoy your cup of tea!