Reading List: Gut Instinct and Survival

This list contains books I’ve read that opened my mind to what may happen when the bad guy shows up, as well as how I might respond for my own survival. I’ve also learned while reading them that yes … I have permission to trust my gut instinct.

Gut Instinct Book list

Gut Instinct and Survival Book List

They say, “The body won’t go where the mind’s never been.” The following list of books offers a great start to anyone interested in opening their minds to the “What ifs?” 

The Unthinkable: Who Survives The Disaster Strikes – and Why, by Amanda Ripley. Through investigative journalism Ripley traces human response to some of history’s most noteworthy disasters. Then, in order to understand the science behind each event she interviews leading brain scientists, trauma psychologists and disaster experts. Finally she has her brain examined by military researchers while experiencing realistic simulations. 

The Gift of Fear: And Other Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence, by Gavin de Becker. In his thought provoking book, de Becker explains how to spot subtle signs of danger — before it’s too late. Through real examples, both from an outsider’s perspective or when possible a surviving victim, Gavin inspires us to recognize our gut feelings and act on our intuitions. 

Left of Bang, by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley. Getting “left of bang” refers to making better observations and decisions before shots are fired. Through their book, Van Horne and Riley explain how to systematically asses your environment and head off situations before they become problems. 

Citizen’s Guide to Armed Defense, by Kevin Davis. Numerous training tactics and techniques are intermingled with thought provoking case studies.

Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage, Chris Bird. Major mass killing incidents are described in this book and what we can learn from them. It includes advice for both the armed and unarmed citizen to increase his or her chances of survival.

A Time to Kill, Greg Hopkins. In this book, Greg Hopkins offers moral and ethical guidance on the subject of self defense. It includes citations of law and various legal principles.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to add to my list.