Crimson Trace: My 2023 Articles at The WON

It amazes me when I look back at all the articles I’ve written over the past year. I’ve decided to begin listing them on my website so everything is in one place. Here are my articles from Women’s Outdoor News, specifically in partnership with Crimson Trace, which is part of American Outdoor Brands (AOB). 

2023 Crimson Trace Articles

Crimson Trace HRO

The year began with a recount of the weeklong “Defend Your Lifestyle” event I attended in November. The event included introductions to various sponsors’ products and a live-fire, defensive 3-gun course. We also enjoyed a tour of a newly installed SecureWall vault room – complete with firearms and stories. Learn more about LOCKDOWN’S SecureWalls in 2024, especially if you follow my social media. 

Hellcat with Crimson Trace Laser

If you’re trying to decide if you should delve into the world of lasers, look no further than my article “Three Reasons to Add a Crimson Trace Laser to Your Firearm” from June. 

Crimson Trace-RAD-Grip-H

The red dot optics bandwagon is still going strong, with more and more people attending classes using one. In my article, “Six Reasons to Add a CT RAD to Your Firearm,” I offer the reasons you may want to consider adding one to yours.


Hunters and competitive shooters will want to read the article “CT Offers Rangefinding Binoculars and Laser Rangefinder.” These new products from Crimson Traces HorizonLine are the perfect addition to any range bag or hunting gear sack.


I had holiday shopping in mind when I wrote “Crimson Trace Gift Ideas.” However, these suggestions would make great presents for any time of the year. 


For those unsure where to shop for firearm accessories, “Why You Should Shop Crimson Trace” is a great article to help you understand everything CT offers. From customer service and warranties to educational resources, I covered it all. 


And there you have it, my 2023 Crimson Trace articles from Women’s Outdoor News.